Vox Culture believes that everyone has a creative gift and a story to share. We love working with visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, dancers, and poets. Vox is looking to team up with Creatives by combining their voices with a cause.

Many of our Creatives can be described as, “Professionals by Day and Creatives by Night”. Examples include: 1) Financial Analyst by day, Photographer by night, 2) Pre-Med by day, Painter by night, 3) Bank Teller by day, Salsa Instructor by Night. Vox provides a platform for individuals to discover passions and exercise artistic expressions to benefit the community.

Why become a part of this community? Creatives get the opportunity to:

  • Leverage talents to make a positive contribution against poverty and injustice
  • Learn about issues and causes that affect our world
  • Showcase and sell artwork and offerings at Vox Events
  • Connect and collaborate with other local Creatives and organizations
  • Gain online and viral publicity through Vox Culture network and social media

Interested in becoming a Vox Culture Creative? Please fill out our Creatives Application.

  • Albanian-American Student
    Organization of Houston, Texas
  • Andrew Au
  • Rebecca Benitez
  • John Coleman
  • Ben DeSoto
  • Howie Doyle
  • Eric Dugal
  • Eric Escamilla
  • Andrew Fox
  • Naoko Fu
  • John Glenn
  • Kara Houston
  • Jonathan Jardin
  • Song Kim
  • Jody Lee
  • Irena Liang
  • Edgar Medina
  • Pamela Morrison
  • Trinh Nguyen
  • Christina Summers
  • Michael Sun
  • Ann Westby
  • Hui-Kee Wong
  • Kara Wong
  • Yes Prep – Gulfton