As Vox Culture continues to grow, we strive to not only create, educate, act upon, and fundraise around numerous social causes pertaining to poverty and injustice – but also provide the Houston community with opportunities to express their creativity or learn about various forms of art. Our services also focus on individual growth and allowing people to improve upon themselves.


Vox Culture partners with a different non-profit or not-for-profit organization every year. Occasionally, Vox Culture may act as a community collaborator on certain projects or events with other organizations, while some organizations have also choose to collaborate or participate solely as partners on specific events Vox Culture has organized.

The organization that Vox Culture partners with for the year is the selected Beneficiary Organization. The selected organization is exposed to a new audience and reaps services that include Vox Culture creating and organizing a total of six events throughout the year. Events range from awareness and education sessions, community service and creative projects, as well as fundraisers.

Beneficiary Organization Selection Process
  • Vox Core Team commits to an annual vote every May to select the specific social issue around poverty or injustice that they would like to see Vox focus on for the following year. Vox Culture publicly announces the selected cause by no later than May 30.
  • Organizations interested in being a beneficiary must turn in the Beneficiary Application no later than June 30.
  • Following Vox Board review of the applications, the Vox Core Team is presented with the finalists and commits to a vote, with the final selected organization being announced to all applicants by no later than July 30.
  • Upon initial discussions on plans for the coming year with the selected Beneficiary Organization, the partnership is to be publicly announced and made official by no later than August 30.

Is your organization interested in becoming a Beneficiary Organization? Fill out our Business Partnership Application.