Vox strives to nurture and inspire people to use their creative talent and link them with social causes. We offer engaging and thought-provoking events provide a great channel where people can make connections. People learn by seeing, doing, volunteering, and in the process, becoming a voice for some of Houston and the world’s social issues. We operate on a yearly format where a new cause is elected (by members of the Core Team) to begin every new calendar year. The highlighted issues that pertain to poverty and injustice are rotated every year in order to cover a variety and range of causes. In the process this allows us to reach our goal and raise awareness amongst the Core Team, artists, and the general public about poverty and injustice in Houston and to help our network understand the links between one issue and another. By seeing how different social issues are in fact related to one another, we seek to show our network the value of working together across platforms to produce change.

Within each calendar year, Vox has designed a holistic model that gives our audience the opportunity to learn and support one cause through varying experiences

Vox Imprint: Arts & Crafts | Vox Culture: Service / Social | Vox Global Café: Discussion


Vox Imprint

Tagline: “Making an imprint on the world through homemade crafts”
Format: Arts & Crafts

  • Intro to social issue and cause partner
  • Learn and gain awareness
  • Create for a cause

Example: Sow blankets for the homeless

Vox Culture

Tagline: “Connecting our Houston community to social causes in creative ways”
Format: Service/Social

  • Advocate for causes via creative/artistic expression
  • Connect with beneficiaries

Example: Mural painting at food truck park to fundraise for substance abuse recovery organization

Vox Global Café

Tagline: “Sharing our voices to change the world”
Format: Discussion

  • Dive into deeper conversation about root causes
  • Engage in conversation with respected experts on social issues
  • Brainstorm effective ways to educate and understand issues

Example: Examine how issues of immigration are connected to refugee issues

We strive to offer a breadth of unique, high quality experiences for individuals to leverage their creativity to do good for our local community. Important factors that are kept in mind when event planning include that they be: educational, interactive, creative and fun.