Vox is the Latin word for "voice". Vox refers to a communications object converting incoming voices or sound signals into an electrical signal that brings life to a transmitter or recorder that will keep on operating as long as the incoming signal is maintained. It is from this definition and meaning that Vox Culture was created.

Our Vision: Vox Culture sees a fragmented society coming together to find common ground toward the betterment of the world. Through human creativity we tap a renewable resource to combat poverty and injustice.

Our Mission: Vox Culture is an Arts and Advocacy network. We connect our Houston community to social causes in creative ways.

Our Network:

  • The Causes – Charitable organizations that fight against poverty and injustice
  • The Creatives – Artists, entrepreneurs, "professionals by day, creatives by night"
  • The Catalysts – Core team, volunteers and donors

Our Values:

  1. CONNECT: We value relationships and believe in collaborating to make a net impact.
  2. EMPOWER: We seek to empower people by recognizing their talents and individual stories.
  3. AMPLIFY: We strengthen the voice of individuals and groups that go unheard.