We are pleased to announce that for 2019, Vox Culture is introducing a new advocacy subject matter into its periphery, Mental Health!

Via our 2019 partnership featuring Mental Health America of Greater Houston, Comcare, and the Houston Grand Opera, we aim to educate, fundraise, and develop creative awareness campaigns and community service projects that tackle mental health stigmas associated with varying social issues that Vox Culture has previously focused on. As such, and with our primary goal of empowering all Houstonians who are facing mental health stigmas, we have titled our 2019 initiative as Rise Above.

Vox Culture's goal for 2019 is to showcase mental health in different perspectives of causes that Vox has focused on in the past years, and develop creative programming that empowers and encourages the rethinking of how we view and treat those with varying mental health challenges/stigmas. With our partners help, Vox Culture will aim to focus on mental health, the cultural stigmas that surround it, and how it impacts survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, immigrants, refugees, race relations (racism), the education field, those who have previously abused substances, the homeless, those impacted by various environmental issues, and individuals who have struggled with hunger/thirst issues - highlighting mental health issues that exist within each group.

If you would like to learn how to become an advocate for Mental Health topics in Houston, receive a direct alert to upcoming events on mental health by Vox Culture and our 2019 partners, or be notified and participate in creative community service projects and workshops on mental health taking place this year, please message Vox Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole Kwan at nicole.kwan@voxculture.org. If you represent or own a business that would like to provide support, or are a individual who would like to donate towards supporting Vox Culture's workshops and community service projects for the year, please send a message to Executive Director, Viktor Kopic at viktor.kopic@voxculture.org

We look forward to your support and seeing you at our 'Rise Above' 2019 events!!!