The Vox Core Team consists of some of the most eclectic, creative, and diverse individuals that can be found in the ever-increasing melting pot of Houston. While the Core Team consists of individuals operating on a 100% volunteer basis, it is still differentiated from the base Vox Volunteer. The Core Team is the creative engine of the organization. Each member has a specific role based on their expertise and/or interest as seen below.

Vox Culture is about bringing people together to create positive change. Through Vox Culture I’ve had an opportunity to meet amazing human beings – artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, dancers, and so many more. That’s one of the things I love the most about what we do. As we bring our gifts together and link arms with those in the cause world, we have a greater chance of bringing real change to our neighbors in need.

Ted Law, Founder & Chair of Board
Home Town: Los Angeles, California

Vox Culture serves as a bridge between ordinary people with extraordinary causes to make a change in the world. I enjoy networking with like-minded people for a common cause, and I love the creativity that gets poured into all our events. Vox Culture gives me an opportunity to give a “voice” to the social issues of our day.

Cindy Wu, Vice Chair, Communications & Public Affairs
Home Town: Houston, Texas

What attracted you to Vox Culture? Many things attracted me to Vox, but one of them would be diversity. I was attracted to the diversity of the organization, its volunteers, and its partners.

Chris Sun, Advisor :: Spotlight
Home Town: Plano, Texas

I like Vox because the organization uses such creative ways to bring awareness to social causes. It really sparks people's interest to want to get involved and help. I've loved seeing small acts go such a long way and am glad I get to be part of it.

Linda Fox, Communication Advisor :: Spotlight
Associate Engineer: TKE Engineering & Design
Home Town: Houston, Texas

Vox Culture’s unique approach to social issues everywhere is what caught my eye. In today’s other-directed society, people look to relate on an emotional level more than ever. As Vox uses a creative outlet to connect people over real social issues, this is a great way to strike unity in the hearts of people from all backgrounds.

Crystal Koo, Public Relations Advisor :: Spotlight
Billing Processor: Stewart Title
Home Town: Rochester, New York

Vox Culture's uniqueness lies not only in the diversity of creative avenues it uses to address social issues, but also in the diversity of its team. To be a part of a team that represents every major racial, ethnic, and religious background, is one of the reason's that Vox means so much to me.

Viktor Kopic, Executive Director :: Spotlight
Home Town: Rijeka, Croatia (EU)

I was inspired by Vox's purpose. Inspired by its commitment to help the community through various avenues while maintaining the integrity of its own institution. Inspired by its group of advocates and leaders.

Shakshi Kshatriya, Assistant Director :: Spotlight
Home Town: Houston, Texas

What attracted me to vox was the ability to address the homelessness in the Houston community and to lead others in a organization.

Markus Cobb, Communication Team Leader :: Spotlight
Home Town: Baltimore, Maryland

What attracted you to Vox? VOX = Culture + Art + Social Causes I care about all three. Sounds like a good combo.

Shen Ge, Public Relations Team Leader :: Spotlight
Home Town: Atlanta, Georgia

I like Vox's mission, which I think can be summed up as making this world a better place. It's purpose is aligned with my own.

Albert Wong, Finance Team Leader :: Spotlight
Home Town: Houston, Texas

What attracted me to Vox is the way of informing our Community of Social Causes that we (including myself) may and/or may not be aware of, and doing so in an Artistic manner. In life, we all go through good times and hard times. I have been blessed to have had Art in my life for a very long time! All different forms of Art can express all measure of feelings… Some people haven’t had such exposure and Vox helps with that, while providing awareness to particular Needs and Causes within our Community!

Darnell Allen, Arts Ambassador :: Spotlight

Many social movements fail because they appeal primarily to emotions, and emotions come and go. People also avoid social issues because they are often perceived as extremist and trigger negative emotional responses such as guilt, anger, or discomfort. Vox Culture takes a more sustainable and pleasant approach by reaching people through their appreciation for beauty with the goal of fostering a humanistic culture.

Nadine Chen, Advocacy Ambassador :: Spotlight

American culture! You just can't specify one on another. Each component has uniqueness in the way it contributes to the main stream.

Oday Naseri, Cultural Ambassador :: Spotlight
Home Town: Baghdad, Iraq

I’ve always been attracted to arts and l love to be hands-on on projects to help build better community which then Vox Culture caught my eyes. I think their mission to combat the social injustices and poverty through creative ways is amazing and I wanted to be a part of it.

Anusuya Shrestha, Volunteer Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Nepal

What attracted you to Vox? The idea of using the arts to better the community.

Chelsea Patterson, Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town:

I want to make a difference in my community. The mission at VOX is simple yet powerful. Spreading awareness to important issues while having fun; it is just genius.

Humeira Akbar, Volunteer Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Karachi, Pakistan

As a Mental health advocate, the principles that underpin the work of Vox Culture – selflessness, charity, social inclusion, empowerment and enlightenment for those who are less privileged or have become displaced is what attracts me to this organization. The strength of this organization lies in not just the ability to inform and educate but incorporating entertainment in their approach to addressing social ills. The diversity of team members from various educational backgrounds, life experiences and concern for the welfare of others makes Vox culture an organization I am proud to be part of. As quoted in Jeremiah 29:7

Doubra Goulding, Research Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Accra, Ghana

Vox Culture seems to have attention deficit disorder; I like that. Organizations tend to either focus on a single issue or have predictable programming from issue to issue through the calendar, year after year. In great contrast, Vox Culture changes its focus several times a year, and I can't recall a repeated issue since Vox Culture appeared on my radar.

Justin Gillenwater, Public Policy Specialist :: Spotlight

What attracted me to Vox was how creative the organization is and the inspirational individuals on the team.

Kara Houston, Instructional Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Houston, Texas

I ended up discovering a space where I could contribute through my skills and also break into the fold of the intriguing metropolis of Houston. It was an inviting place for like-minded creative professionals where I felt I was needed, and where I could belong and make some difference.

Nadir Hashmi, Marketing Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Fort Worth, Texas

I love Vox’s mission! So much of what we do, think, say or feel is inspired by art and culture. It’s a great way to bring people together and educate them on social causes.

Carlos Schuler, Media Coordinator :: Spotlight

What attracted me to Vox was wanting to make a difference and being more involved with the local community. Vox has a great history of showing locals the issues of not only what is in the world but right here in our own community.

Connie Boebinger, Social Media Specialist :: Spotlight

I liked the idea behind Vox, to use the arts and expression through art to give voice to the social issues within Houston. It just seemed like a perfectly natural fit, to use my analytic abilities to provide support to a group which aids local social causes, as well as allowing me to become more exposed to those with greater creative talents than mine.

Andrea Smith, Finance Coordinator :: Spotlight

I was initially attracted to VOX because of their mission. I have always wanted to be part of a non-profit organization that seeks to promote diversity with information and art. The creative aspects of VOX really drew me into the organization because I'm a strong believer in free expression.

Jessica Luong, Fundraising Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Houston, Texas

What I like about Vox Culture is the way that they tackle the social issues of today. Vox addresses these issues by not just bringing the community together, but by bringing the art community also in to help. Art can be a powerful tool that can reach many more than just words alone.

Eric Dugal, Video Production Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Abbeville, Louisiana

Vox Culture offered me the opportunity to do something constructive with my down time.

Mark Bergeron, Audio-Visual Coordinator :: Spotlight
Home Town: Houston, Texas

Vox Culture takes an innovative way of showing others how we can be part of something bigger, through our personal creativity. I really liked the fact that Vox wants to utilize each individuals gifts, talents, and abilities to help the grow and inform others about what is affecting the world around us. Expression shows how we each differentiate ourselves, but at the same time it defines what we believe in. I believe that working together in strengthening our forms of expression will bring about greater change in improving the environment with which we live in.

Andrew Au, Voice Over Specialist :: Spotlight
Home Town: Houston, Texas