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Spotlight: Vox In-House Videographer!

Introducing Andrew Au, Vox Culture's In-House Videographer! As we seek to continue to provide innovative and creative ways of reaching our audience through technology, Andrew is our main man behind the lens filming and editing material related to Vox. Keep your eyes posted on our website, as well as on FaceBook, to checkout some of Andrew's work and see all the new happenings at Vox!

 I was born and raised here in Houston, Texas and have lived through most of the events that have taken place in the greater Houston area. Growing up I have been taught to also express myself in all that I do, whether it be in school, music, sports, or just being myself. A phrase that I've been told growing up was, "just be yourself," with which I would be able to enjoy myself without the fear of being judged by others. Currently I am working as a Fund Accountant, managing several funds and a lot of numbers. It may seem daunting and tedious at first but I find it enjoyable because of the fact that I have an effect on something greater, as well as the ability to solve problems. During my free time I really love to watch movies, and television shows that focus more on the story line and the development of the story line overall. This sparked a lot of ideas throughout the beginning of my college years, and my friends and I started a short films production crew. It was a fun experience and it really allowed me to express my abilities in acting (which I wasn't too good at), and producing short films. I found enjoyment in being able to show others a story.

What is your favorite icecream? I would have to say my favorite ice cream flavor would be Pistachio with Almonds. Even though pistachios have a salty flavor and they are a nut, the ice cream is green. It intrigued me at first, and I just wanted to try it out and thought the almonds were pistachios.

What is your favorite movie? I have a few, but I would have to say one of my favorite films would be The Butterfly Effect. The reasoning is for the psychological thriller behind the story and the portrayal of the entire film itself. The ability to see certain outcomes and events unfold by altering memories, would allow there to be alternate futures for the individual. At the same time, the ability to understand that all that we do has an effect for the future. I feel like this pertains to how we should also live our lives, and make decisions based on our personal experiences, and live life to the fullest. The thought provoking nature of this movie allowed me to search for the meaning of what the movie was trying to really say, or what the director and producer were trying to convey to their audience. With which I would have to say was done quite successfully, and in a amazing manner.

If you could play a part in the making of a film, which role would you like to be, the director, producer, actor, or any another role? I would have to say probably being one of the actors, mainly to show others what you feel this character is trying to say without truly having a personality or background to live off of. The ability to step out of one's personality and into another to show what portrayal a character may be like based on limited knowledge of their life. At the same time, it is also showing the audience how you want them to receive the story and underlying themes of the film.

Which fictional character (of any movie, film, tv show, etc) do you feel best compares to you in real life? J.D. from the television show Scrubs. A very quirky guy who is trying to make it through his internship/residency at Sacred Heart Hospital. He tends to narrate to himself, and ends up daydreaming of hilarious, yet seemingly realistic circumstances. Though J.D.'s goal in becoming a doctor is to serve those who need help. With which each time J.D. experiences an epiphany throughout each time something occurs, and lives by it. Whether it be good or bad, I try to learn from my past experiences and live by it day to day. I usually go through my day thinking of it as a story to tell someone, but at the same time being able to laugh at myself and living my life without any regrets. I wish to serve those around me in hopes of bringing them sort of joy.

To check out Andrew's own short films, follow this link: http://vimeo.com/wokamolemovies  

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