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Introducing Vox Executive Director, Viktor Kopic!

Meet the Executive Director of Vox Culture, Viktor Kopic! As we continue to pave our way forward, Viktor is leading Vox through the new and exciting chapters that await us. Be sure to come out to our future events and get a chance to meet and talk to Viktor, and ask him… “what’s next at Vox?". You can also check out our website in the coming months to see the upcoming changes and updates happening at Vox too!

My personal background is a major reason as to my interest in the work of Vox Culture. Originally from Croatia, my travels, as well as the opportunity to live in several countries such as Venezuela and Mauritius, have exposed me from a young age to the beauty and importance of different cultures. At the same time, these experiences have also taught me about the numerous injustices and the problems of poverty the world faces. The concept of introducing others to culture, in every way and shape, while also advocating for poverty and injustice drew me to Vox Culture. I hope that with the knowledge and experiences I have gained throughout the years I can help contribute and further strengthen the voice of Vox Culture.

About the Director: I was previously involved in the think-tank industry in Washington, D.C. at The Corporate Council on Africa and the Washington Office of The International Institute for Strategic Studies. I have an MA in Political Science (Concentration in International Studies) as well as a Graduate Certificate in Security Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I also hold a BA in Political Science (Minors in International Studies and Sociology) from Louisiana State University.

What is your favorite ice cream? I would say a three-way tie between Tiramisu, Mexican Vanilla, and Hazelnut.

What is your favorite hobby? Anything that keeps me active, whether it is working out, playing sports such as rugby, or going somewhere new around town or the outskirts of the city. I simply like to explore new things and new areas.

What would you say was one of your most exciting experiences? Every day so far (especially as of late) seems to have been an exciting experience so far. If I had to choose one, it would be having had the chance to sail on board a ship as a child, on which my father was working on during his younger years. Through this experience, I had the chance to see many different countries and places around the world.

 Which cultural food do you enjoy the most? Would have to say as of late would have to be African food, whether it be Ethiopian, Nigerian, Mauritian, etc. In general I like food that is unique and that you cannot find everywhere... something that is authentic and has flavor.

 What is your favorite country? On a totally biased side, I would have to say Croatia because that is where I'm from. Mauritius too, because that is where part of my heritage comes from as well. However, as far as a country that is my favorite that has nothing to do with where I'm from or my heritage, I would have to say Venezuela, one of the most beautiful countries that I've been to and had the opportunity to live in.

 How do you exercise your creativity? I would say I've found myself exercising my creativity through cooking. I always like trying to make traditional cultural dishes, or giving them new spins, or taking completely new takes on other dishes. However, I'd say I thoroughly enjoy BBQing, and consider myself a master chef at making a good steak!

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