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Spotlight: Vox Arts Ambassador!

Introducing Darnell Allen, Vox Culture's Arts Ambassador! As we seek to further engage and build a deeper relationship with Houston's arts community, Darnell is helping Vox learn about the multitude of artists that exist in the city and the creative gifts that all of them have to offer. Stay tuned to the Vox FaceBook page to see what Darnell is up to, while he continues to share his creative talents with the community and raise awareness of the gems that exist within the Houston arts scene!

I am a Bank Customer Service Representative by day, and a Dancer/Dance Instructor by night, and a big Fan of Everything Artistic!! I chose to join Vox because I have this desire to help and to learn! And I see that same desire in all of Vox Culture! And add in the fact that Vox strives to help, while doing so with an Artistic theme attached, and that was enough for me to join! I feel that Vox helps on so many different levels. We can help a particular Organization with their Cause, while informing people of what can be done to help and/or to learn more, while at the same time helping an Artist gain new exposure, experience and a possible new fan base. I am also inspired by the awesome people of the Vox Core Team!

What is your favorite icecream? Hmmm… Tough one!! So, I am a HUGE FAN of Ice Cream! Especially Blue Bell! But to pick a particular flavor would be hard… There are so many!! I guess I’d say… Blue Bell’s “Ultimate Neapolitan” (It’s Dutch Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla, and Strawberries & Homemade Vanilla all in one!)

What is your favorite song? Well, I love so many different types of music, and so many different songs, but if I had to pick favorites, I’d maybe say… Thriller and Off The Wall by Michael Jackson, and Canned Heat by Jamiroquai. Thriller has always been my favorite song and music video! No contest! And the other 2 songs have great rhythms and I love their lyrics! I love these songs because they remind me of just dancing off any worries, hard times, and struggles we may be going through, we know that we can get through it!

Who is (or are) your dancing inspiration? Who do you aspire to be as a salsa dancer? Dance itself is my inspiration! I guess I’d say that all people out there learning to dance also inspire me! I don’t aspire to be like any other particular dancer. My preference is to make sure that when I dance, that I am dancing my own style. I have experienced and danced many different dance styles, and I let all of that become part of my way on the dance floor. And I make sure that I continue to learn!

If you could have a dance-off with three other famous individuals (whether professional dancers or actor/actress known for a memorable dance in a movie) who would they be? Good one… I would say Kevin Bacon in Footloose and the guy from the new Footloose movie. Oh, and the guy from Save The Last Dance. It would be fun to have a Freestyle Salsa dance off with some of the Choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance, because I love the show!

Are you a fan of any current (or previously existing) dancing shows? I am a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance!! I like this show so much because it takes a dancer that is used to dancing their particular style, and gives them many different styles to experience and explore!! So many people get stuck in their one way, and forget that there is soooo much more out there!! We just have to be willing to try!! Like Bruce Lee said… “Be Water My Friends!” I relate this saying to a lot more than just Martial Arts. 

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