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Details: Vox Global Cafe (2016)

Just around the corner is the most anticipated event from Vox Culture's 2016 series addressing the topic of refugees in Houston, titled, Connecting our Local & Global Neighbors. We are proud to be presenting in partnership with the United Nations Association, and with the support of the University of Houston Downtown, the Arab League, and The City of Houston's Office of International Communities.... the third installment of our Vox Global Cafe!!!

What is the Vox Global Cafe?

The Vox Global Café aims to bring various industry sectors of the Houston community together in a round-table discussion, with 2016’s topic focusing on refugees in Houston. The goal will be to learn from the experts and members of the community affected by the topic, discuss what is currently being done, and what more can be done to address the medium to long term development of individuals labeled as refugees. We are aiming for the discussion to highlight how communities where refugees can be found can be further economically integrated and empowered, and how other needs not easily accessible (such as education and health) can be addressed more efficiently. The Vox Global Café is dedicated to BEGINNING this community-driven conversation that currently does not take place on this topic, in this manner, and planting the seeds for a new concept on how various segments of the Houston community can come together to address social issues that impact both their local and their global neighbors.

Will the Vox Global Cafe just be a round-table discussion?

In addition to a round-table discussion, the global café will present an opening-panel featuring speakers from UNICEF, FireStarter, and Amaanah Refugee Services. A refugee arts exhibit put together by P.E.A.C.E. Houston and sponsored by the Model Arab League will be featured at the event, together with a photography exhibit on refugees in Houston, by Marti Corn. The event will also feature a musical performance by Natalia Garmashova and Peter Kimiso (including the debut of the song and music video to Dreamer Child, a collaborative creation between Vox Culture and Kimiso Productions).

When & Where is it?

The University of Houston Downtown will host the Vox Global Café, on Wednesday, November 16, from 9:00AM-12:00PM.

Light snacks will be provided. This specific event is also featured as part of Houston’s Citizenship Month, and is further supported by the City of Houston’s Office of International Communities. Please also note that this is a PRIVATE EVENT (guests are receiving invites directly)!

Event Partners
We are proud to be presenting in partnership with the United Nations Association, and with the support of the University of Houston Downtown, the Model Arab LeagueUniversity of Houston DowntownP.E.A.C.E., and The City of Houston's Office of International Communities and Refugee Affairs.... the third installment of our Vox Global Cafe!!!

We extend our further gratitude for the outreach support from the Arab American Cultural & Community Center and for the time provided by representatives from UNICEFAmaanah Refugee Services, and the Firestarter Group to partake as panel speakers at the event. 

Finally, we also thank IEDA ReliefPAIR Houston, and The Community Cloth, for being our year's partners on this subject and for being in part the inspiration to this years Vox Global Cafe.

How do I contact the organizers?

If you have any further inquiries regarding this event, please contact the Executive Director at viktor.kopic@voxculture.org or at (713) 292-4331.

Visitors who have visited this link from the private invitation they have received, and would like to Accept or Decline the invitation, or have futher inquiries, you may also reach out to viktor.kopic@voxculture.org or call  at (713) 292-4331.

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