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Know Your Neighbors: Vox Storytellers 

Following up on one of our signature events’ successful debut last year, Vox Culture will be presenting the second annual presentation of Vox Storytellers at Ecclesia on Saturday, Apr. 8 beginning at 10:00AM and ending at 12:30PM. The event is part of the organization’s on-going 2017 theme, Know Your Neighbors.

This year’s Vox Storytellers will gather prominent voices from the vast diaspora of Houston to share their stories in a conversation about racial equality and diversity. Up to seven speakers, each representing a different Houston ethnic group, and ranging in professional backgrounds that include entrepreneurs, artists, former FBI agents, college students, and local government and civic leaders, will share their tales.

Sharing stories is the most fundamental aspect of building human connections. We feel that it pays to sometimes dig back through our layers of modernity and embrace the calm poise of storytelling. All in an attempt to know each other better.

Vox Storytellers seeks time to embrace and listen to stories in a more meaningful way. The storytelling session will be followed by a panel discussion on racial equality and an audience Q&A.

The goal of this event is to connect the citizens of Houston together in a deeper, more thoughtful way by lending human voices and faces to the conversation on race and understand our diversity.

This event will be presented in collaboration with:

Iconoclast -: A group of young creative minds who believe that poetry can change the world.

Project Curate -: An organization that nurtures and facilitates new expressions of kinship, compassion, solidarity, and inclusive diversity in Houston and other cities.

Seats are FREE but limited. Please RSVP via Eventbrite at this link:


Inquiries may be directed to Nadir Hashmi at nadir.hashmi@voxculture.org.

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