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Houston Art Community: A Challenge

Public art projects located in metropolitan areas can revitalize areas that were once neglected by traditional re-development efforts. The City of Houston is home to an abundance of commissioned public art projects, including Anthony Shumate’s Monumental Moments – located in Buffalo Bayou Park and Margo Sawyer’s Synchronicity of Color located in Discovery Green.
Murals, installations and interactive pieces encourage community gathering and engagement in the public arenas that attract large numbers of people. Community is important because it gives us a sense of belonging and values to grasp firmly to. From community strength and effort, the most notable social action is born and re-generated through continuous efforts to keep community spaces alive and prospering. My challenge to the Houston art community is to create a wider platform for artists using their work to send a message about their community’s concerns. By amplifying artists of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, we can give Houston’s civic art and engagement initiatives a broader meaning. 

- By: Kelly Beecher, Vox Culture Blogger

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