Connecting our Local & Global Neighbors: Film Screening + Open Discussion

Vox Culture will be hosting a film screening and open discussion on the topic of refugees, to introduces its 2016 series, Connecting our Local and Global Neighbors. The goal of the series is to engage in a deeper conversation on the subject of refugees.

The event will feature three short films while the open dialogue session will focus on topics related to refugees in Houston, what is being done locally to address the subject, and how we can best integrate refugees and work together towards the continued development of our community.

This opening event for the Connecting our Local and Global Neighbors series is being held in collaboration with several community partners including: The Community Cloth, PAIR Houston, IEDA Relief, and OCA Houston.

Featured Short Films include: My Honeymoon (by Eileen Hofer), From Nepal to Seattle's Rainer Valley (by Pangeality Productions of Seattle WA), and Shaya (by Amir Noorani).

Seats are FREE but limited. Please select and print your ticket to reserve your spot at this link:

 The event will take place at the Vox Culture Warehouse (8570 Katy Fwy. Suite #116, Houston, TX 77024) on Sunday, January 31st from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. The latest updates can be found by visiting the Vox Culture page on Facebook:

Inquiries may be directed to


Vox 2016 Series: Connecting our Local & Global Neighbors

Based on our volunteers votes, Vox Culture will be focusing on the the social issue of refugees in our Houston community.

Exploring the topic once again for the first time in almost four years, the goal of our 2016 theme, titled, Connecting Our Local & Global Neighbors, will be to open a dialogue within our community that builds understanding (while using arts/creativity as the driving tool). Additionally, the goal will be to help showcase what the city can do more to address the need of the refugee community AND how the refugee community can give back to the economic development of the city of Houston as well. In order to get a diverse group of refugees from different backgrounds (and needs), Vox Culture has chosen to test a different approach from focusing its energy on one organization per year, to instead working with several organizations (such as The Community ClothPAIR HoustonIEDA Relief, and more) at a community partnership level, and together tackle some of the underlining issues facing the refugee community in Houston.

For more questions/clarifications, or details, in regards to our work for 2016 - or if you'd like to support our work for this year in any way - please feel free to message our Executive Director, Viktor Kopic, at, or stay tuned for details in our newsletter at the end of this month. 


Vox Culture Selected by OKRA Charity Saloon for Month of October!

It is our pleasure to announce that OKRA Charity Saloon has selected Vox Culture as one of four potential recipients of proceeds (from food and drinks) collected by the business for the month of October!!!

Come out an support us beginning October 1st, at OKRA Charity Saloon!

All you have to do is buy either a food or drink item either on weekday evenings or on weekends throughout October, and use the tokens that you receive to put in the voting box dedicated to Vox Culture!!

Vox Culture is planning to host several happy hours throughout the month with the potential of creating an arts mixer at the same time. More details will be announced in the coming days in regards to this!!! 

Bring your friends and family to come and support, remember that there is no entrance fee or no extra charges! Just buy a food and/or drink item and use the tokens for the Vox ballot box!!!! OR bring your colleagues with you and host a happy hour there!

CHALLENGE: As long as you tweet us at @Vox_Culture (please note the underscore) and post a picture of you and your friends or colleagues at OKRA Charity Bar, having fun and supporting Vox Culture, we will feature you on our Facebook page throughout October and our newsletter the following month!!! Additionally, if all of your office colleagues come out, we will accredit your business and promote them as "Vox Supporters" on our Facebook page and newsletter, again, only as long as you tweet a picture of you and your crew to @Vox_Culture on Twitter.



Support Local Businesses!

We would like to graciously thank once again, Chef's Soren Pedersen, Moon Jamaluddin, and Sean Carroll for their contribution of amazing skills towards our 7th Anniversary Fundraiser, Colors of Houston!

Please show your support to each one of these amazing chefs and their businesses by visiting them! You can start by checking out their website and either (a) seeing when/where you can catch them or (b) booking a table at one of their locations!! See below!!!




"Colors of Houston" Shines

On the evening of Sunday, September 27th, Vox Culture hosted its 7th anniversary fundraiser, Colors of Houston.  at Chateau Crystale.

Colors of Houston featured Houston-based artists in the areas of dance, music, spoken word poetry, live painting, and more:

  • [PAINTERS] Norberto Clemente, Suzanne Buckland, Fatema Josh, MaryAnn Lucas, and Jeremy Tolbert
  • [DANCERS] Karel Flores Houston Dance Team
  • [POETS] Amir Safi, Chris Wise, Zachary Caballero, and Shen Ge
  • [MUSICIANS] Joi Keeling (aka Sugar Joiko); Rocko "Stedy" Narvios.
  • [FEATURED CHEFS]: Soren Pedersen, (former head chef of Sorrel Urban Bistro), Sean Carroll (Melange Creperie) and the team of Moon Jamaluddin (Events by Momo).

The event additionally featured a live interactive painting created by Suzanne Buckland, which guests contributed to, to make "Art for the Heart".

Additionally, gift bag items also featured local products such as: Coffee (Xela Roasters), Honey (Zelko Bistro), Jam (Just Pure Flavors), and Chocolate (The Original Chocolate Bar).

While the goal of the event was to raise funds for Vox Culture going into 2016, the fundraiser was also meant to promote unity and celebrate our diversity, and that what makes us each unique.

More photos available soon via Facebook and on our website!

 Special thanks to the support and sponsorship of the following individuals and businesses:


  • Buffalo Bayou Brewery
  • Rickmers Linie - USA
  • Access
  • The Law Offices of Katheryn Karam, PC
  • Chateau Crystale
  • Capt. Anand Nair
  • Ms. Laurie Chandler




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