"Colors of Houston" Shines

On the evening of Sunday, September 27th, Vox Culture hosted its 7th anniversary fundraiser, Colors of Houston.  at Chateau Crystale.

Colors of Houston featured Houston-based artists in the areas of dance, music, spoken word poetry, live painting, and more:

  • [PAINTERS] Norberto Clemente, Suzanne Buckland, Fatema Josh, MaryAnn Lucas, and Jeremy Tolbert
  • [DANCERS] Karel Flores Houston Dance Team
  • [POETS] Amir Safi, Chris Wise, Zachary Caballero, and Shen Ge
  • [MUSICIANS] Joi Keeling (aka Sugar Joiko); Rocko "Stedy" Narvios.
  • [FEATURED CHEFS]: Soren Pedersen, (former head chef of Sorrel Urban Bistro), Sean Carroll (Melange Creperie) and the team of Moon Jamaluddin (Events by Momo).

The event additionally featured a live interactive painting created by Suzanne Buckland, which guests contributed to, to make "Art for the Heart".

Additionally, gift bag items also featured local products such as: Coffee (Xela Roasters), Honey (Zelko Bistro), Jam (Just Pure Flavors), and Chocolate (The Original Chocolate Bar).

While the goal of the event was to raise funds for Vox Culture going into 2016, the fundraiser was also meant to promote unity and celebrate our diversity, and that what makes us each unique.

More photos available soon via Facebook and on our website!

 Special thanks to the support and sponsorship of the following individuals and businesses:


  • Buffalo Bayou Brewery
  • Rickmers Linie - USA
  • Access
  • The Law Offices of Katheryn Karam, PC
  • Chateau Crystale
  • Capt. Anand Nair
  • Ms. Laurie Chandler





Chef Soren Pedersen will be participating in Vox Culture's 7th Anniversary event, Colors of Houston!


Critically acclaimed Chef Soren Pedersen made his way to the Houston food scene with his innovative style and philosphies about food. Raised in Denmark, Chef ventured across the United States, before deciding to settle in Houston.

You can catch Chef Soren on tv, Currant Kitchen, that focuses on his culinary beliefs, while creating unique meals for friends and families. Vox Culture had the chance to ask Chef a few questions: 

For people who are unfamiliar with Danish cuisine, what does it consist of?

The Danish cuisine is a lot like what the trend you see here today, local and fresh. Lots of fresh seafood, pork, vegetable and cheeses

What is a Danish food must?

There is a few favorites such as Whole roasted pork loin with crisp skin, Roasted Goose with Apple – Prune Stuffing,  Pan seared Danish Meat Balls and of course Smorrebrod ( Open Faced Sandwiches)

What lead you to decide to start your business in Houston?  

I have been in Houston since 1995 on and off for about 8 years. My wife and I have been in the Montrose area since we came and have no plans to move anywhere any time soon. I have been in the restaurant industry going on 25 years plus and it was time for us to create a business for ourselves and Houston has a great platform for that.

Can you describe the type of cuisine that you create?

Staying true to how I started my career; Seasonal and fresh along with simple but yet create ways to keep dishes interesting through taste, texture and presentation.

In honor of our theme, the Colors of Houston. What color  do you feel empowers you? 

I would have to say red and white due to the Danish Flag but adding green due to environmental concern and daily living


"Colors of Houston": Vox's 7th Anniversary Fundraiser 9/27

 Vox Culture will be hosting its 7th anniversary fundraiser on the evening of Sunday, September 27th, 2015. The event will take place from 6:00PM-9:00PM at Chateau Crystale (2517 S. Gessner Rd., Houston, TX 77063).

Colors of Houston will feature Houston-based artists in the areas of dance, music, spoken word poetry, live painting, and more. Artists so far include:

  • [PAINTERS] Norberto Clemente, Suzanne Buckland, Fatema Josh, MaryAnn Lucas, and Jeremy Tolbert
  • [DANCERS] Karel Flores Houston Dance Team
  • [POETS] Amir Safi, Chris Wise, Zachary Caballero, and Shen Ge
  • [MUSICIANS] Joi Keeling (aka Sugar Joiko); Rocko "Stedy" Narvios.
  • [FEATURED CHEFS]: Soren Pedersen, (former head chef of Sorrel Urban Bistro), Jamie Zelko (Zelko's Bistro), and Sean Carroll (Melange Creperie) and the team of Moon Jamaluddin (Events by Momo).

TICKETS: $80.00 (Singles); $140.00 (Couples); $1,200 (Sponsor Tables - 10 seats). To purchase tickets, click this link!

THEME: Colors of Houston will showcase the numerous ethnicities that make up the United States, via the arts, and examine how we can find unity in diversity. For example, a live painter will be present to illustrate this by asking the audience, “What color represents you?” With the issue of race dominating current headlines, we believe there is no better time to celebrate diversity and promote acceptance. 

DRESS CODE: We encourage you to wear a siut or dress that in some form or way includes a color that you feel is a symbol of "empowerment" or feel best represents you as an individual.

GOAL: Colors of Houston will help fund Vox Culture through 2015 and into the 2016 fiscal year. Funds raised will support Vox Culture's partner of the year, the Houston Independent School District (HISD), with whom we are working to alleviate challenges within Education, specifically literacy. The funds will also support our projects for 2016, where we will be addressing the issue of Economic Development amongst under-served neighborhoods. Finally, funds raised at Colors of Houston will help support staff, artist honorariums, technical equipment, and internship opportunities, as well as bring us closer towards the goal of creating scholarships for high school students seeking to pursue educational advancement or careers in arts or advocacy related fields.

SPONSORHIP: If individuals would like to sponsor specific parts of Colors of Houston, there are several available options. For further inquiries, please send a message to! Details can also be found below: 

  • Table Sponsor - $1,200.00
    • Portion of amount will go towards covering venue costs.
    • Receives
      • Mention of individual and/or business name on the Vox Culture website, Vox Culture social media pages, and at the event - this will go on before, during, and right after the event
      • VIP Table for 10 guests
      • Printed card with individual name or business logo on table center-piece
  • Artist Sponsor - $200.00
    • Portion of amount will go towards honorarium for participating artists.
    • Receives
      • Mention of individual(s) on newsletter and at the event
      • Couples ticket ($140.00 value) + VIP Seating
  • Creativity Sponsor - $400.00
    • Portion of amount will go towards covering costs pertaining to gift bag items to be given to event attendees and additional expenses/pieces obtained to create a unique experience.
    • Receives
      • Mention of individual(s) on Vox Culture’s social media outlets, newsletter, at the event, and website blogs
      • Couples ticket ($140.00 value) + VIP Seating
      • One pair of Vox T-Shirts ($40.00 value)
  • Chef Sponsor - $800.00
    • Portion of amount will go towards covering catering and/or expenses incurred by participating chefs.
    • Receives
      • Mention of individual(s) on Vox Culture’s social media outlets, newsletter, at the event, and website blogs
      • Five individual tickets ($400.00 value) + VIP Seating
      • One pair of Vox T-Shirts ($40.00 value)

Vox Read-A-Thon 8/29



On Saturday, August 29th, join us for the Vox Read-A-Thon at Lee High School!

The event will take place at both the school's library and theater from 11AM-2PM and feature a fun, interactive, literary discussion on To Kill A Mockingbird.

Vox volunteers, school administration, students, and guests will all participate in what is to be a combination between education and theater, and a great example of the interaction between education and the arts.

To sign up as a guest/volunteer, either visit our Facebook event page here or message


Introducing Vox Culture's Marketing Coordinator, Nadir Hashmi

What attracted you to Vox?

It can sometimes be difficult to find your place and a sense of belonging in a new city, a new country, without a stable structural environment like a work or college setting. Thus, it was actually a good stroke of chance and luck when I met someone from Vox Culture at a Halloween gathering last fall. Breaking into conversation, I learnt about their mission to solve social causes in creative ways, and I talked about some of my key interests related to writing and travel, as well as my background in marketing. I ended up discovering a space where I could contribute through my skills and also break into the fold of the intriguing metropolis of Houston. It was an inviting place for like-minded creative professionals where I felt I was needed, and where I could belong and make some difference.

What is your favorite ice cream? 

Chocolate fudge brownie. Brownie chip chocolate fudge. Choco chunk brownie chips... Doesn't matter how outrageous and ridiculous the flavor is, but if it has the word chocolate in it, it's for me!

What are your favorite things to do in Houston?

So far... Walking around the museum district, discovering new hiking trails in the city's green spaces, taking in the aroma of coffee while listening to the ambient music in cafes, and stumbling upon bits and pieces of what Texans call Texas! With less than a year in this gigantic city, I'm still wandering about, trying to explore and find stuff to do.

What are some main differences between living in Houston and Pakistan?

Life in Pakistan is very different from what we witness in Houston, and America, in general. The sputtering throttle of an auto-rickshaw darting its way through winding lanes of chaotic traffic is one of the norms in major cities of Pakistan. The hustle and bustle of an exploding population packed in congested metros results in this chaos, with motorcycles and cars sometimes even dodging traffic on the wrong side of the road. The sight of a donkey cart or a herd of cows crossing the road is also not unheard of. The men, almost always men, leading these animals will often be sweating as profusely as their sources of livelihood, working in sweltering heat for the major part of the year. Their measly wages can still get them a decent meal at a roadside hawker's eatery, perhaps a mix of chopped fruit with spices or some lentils and bread, served by a child who never went to school. A cup of tea and lively gossip usually follows, from topics as diverse as corruption allegations on the government, performance of the national cricket team, and a recent bomb blast in a certain part of the country. All until the power on the rusted pedestal fan runs out, and they feel its time to return to work. Some expensive cars might park in front of the roadside tables, and their occupants will calmly walk past the unkempt chairs to a large department store behind them. Life can be cruel and difficult for many Pakistanis, but yet beautiful in the way it just goes on past their so many troubles.



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