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Rebuilding Haiti - Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our Haiti benefit last Friday. We especially appreciate our friends at It's A Grind, Blue Planet Cafe and Veronique's Haitian Cuisine.

The photo above shows the kids from the MLK community center who wrote a special song for the evening.

Finally, a big thanks to our amazing lineup of artists for the evening. We look forward to working with you again!

Our event is over but the fundraising for Haiti continues. If you missed out but would like to donate to the effort. Visit our site at Razoo. Help us meet our goal of sending 100 World Vision Survivor Kits to the people of Haiti.



Rebuilding Haiti - February 19th, 7-11PM

Spread the word. February 19th from 7 to 11PM. We will have a new artist lineup. We will also be building World Vision survivor kits to ship to Haiti. These kits will contain medical supplies and will help empower people to heal.

UPDATE: Here's a list of artists coming out for the event.
Edgar Medina
Ann Westby
Caroline Zakaria Marcos
Jennifer DeDonato
Anat Ronen
Lora Bunge
Lisa Chow
Jonathan Jardin

We'll also have Houston Haitian performers. Updates coming soon.


Haiti Relief

Vox Culture encourages everyone to give generously to the relief efforts for Haiti. Do something good today by giving to an organizations that can make a difference.

MSNBC has a good article here about the difference between good intentions and doing actual good. It's tempting to want to give things like water or clothing, but the simple math is this:

“When people give $1, it translates into $7 in the field,” he said. “If they spend $5 for bottled water, that’s nice and it makes them feel good, but probably it costs us more than $5 to send it. If they give us $5, we can get $35 worth of water.”

Our friends over at Plant with Purpose/Floresta are also starting to do relief work as people leave the big city to find refuge with friends and family in rural villages. Learn more through their blog. Donate here.

Another organization we recommend is World Vision. If you came to our global cafe in 2008, you probably remember that our benefit helped their disaster relief work in China.

There are plenty of other organizations doing good work. Look for one that has a positive reputation and a good track record in Haiti. But most importantly don't be paralyzed by bad feelings. Move ahead and do something appropriate and genuinely helpful.

- Ted