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Colors of Houston

Vox Culture will be hosting its 7th anniversary fundraiser on the evening of Sunday, September 27th, 2015 from 6:00PM-9:00PM at Chateaux Crystale. Our theme this year, and the title of our event, is The Colors of Houston. The event will feature a range of Houston-based artists from the realms of dance, spoken word poetry, live painting, and more. Vox Culture’s fundraisers are unique in that we leave our participants with a message on the state of the world through various forms of creative expression.


The Colors of Houston will feature the numerous ethnicities that make up the United States and examine how we can find unity in diversity. For example, a live painter will be present to illustrate this by asking the audience, “What color represents you?” With the issue of race dominating headlines over the past year, we believe there is no better time to celebrate diversity and promote acceptance. We hope you would join us in this endeavor.


GOAL: The Colors of Houston will help fund Vox Culture through 2015 and into the 2016 fiscal year. Funds raised will support Vox Culture's partner of the year, the Houston Independent School District (HISD), with whom we are working to alleviate challenges within Education, specifically literacy. The funds will also support our projects for 2016, where we will be addressing the issue of Economic Development amongst under-served neighborhoods. Finally, funds raised at The Colors of Houston will help support staff, artist honorariums, technical equipment, and internship opportunities, as well as bring us closer towards the goal of creating scholarships for high school students seeking to pursue educational advancement or careers in arts or advocacy related fields.


SPONSORSHIP: Interested in sponsoring The Colors of Houston? 

We are offering several opportunities to sponsor our fundraiser. To find out how, and what is received with each option, please send a message to viktor.kopic@voxculture.org.  

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