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Party on...!

Weeks have passed, but the joy and uplifted spirit from the SEARCH Holiday Party still resonates...

Highlights from the party included: hot food off the grill, holiday beats, chess games, ornament making, football routes, stocking gift-sets, photoboothing and of course...the dance-off! But above all, the conversations and connection with the residents made this event truly memorable.

SEARCH Staff, Phoebe Wong, writes: "Residents have been absolutely RAVING about the party.  Here are some comments that the residents shared with me:

  • One woman started tearing up and shared that she was overwhelmed by how far people went to make this such a great party.
  • Another man who painted an ornament (it turned out beautifully and got many compliments) said he’d never done anything like that before. I teased him and said maybe he found his next career.
  • One woman couldn’t stop laughing during the dancing, and said that this made her day.
  • I overheard some residents saying as the volunteers were leaving, “these people were so nice and sweet.”  I think that speaks to the compassion and heart that volunteers brought into their interactions with residents
  • The front desk monitor said, “my compliments to the chef” and wrote an incident report to the property manager about how organized and well-run the party was.

There’s so much more I can pass on with you and rave about, but these are just a representation of how appreciative the residents were.  If not for my commitment to confidentiality, I could tell you so much about what certain residents have been going through, and how much of a refreshing and healing quality this party and the volunteers’ presence brought to them."

1. See more photos.

2. See cupid shuffle.

Vox Volunteer, Andrew Fox, writes: "Getting to be a part of this VOX event with SEARCH was definitely special for me. While it was certainly great to bless the lives of the people at Jackson Hinds, it is so much more a blessing to hear their fantastic stories, see their genuine smiles, and learn how these hardy souls have held onto hope..."

SPECIAL THANKS to the following groups/organizations for their support:

- SEARCH Homeless Services
Jackson Hinds Gardens Staff and Residents
Vox Holiday Planning Team
Vox Volunteers
Gifts in Kind: Kroger (Buffalo Spwy), Randall's, Walmart, Dr.Luk Dental, Philosophy, Panera Bread
- KV3 Photography

Through this event, we have learned more about the issue of homelessness in our city, have seen the generous side of humanity and have been touched by the lives at Jackson Hinds. Vox looks forward to creating more opportunities where we can care for our community in 2012. Join us!


SEARCH Holiday Party - Sat 12/3

Meet the Wonderful Residents of SEARCH!

"The site where Vox will be throwing a Christmas Party is a permanent housing facility for formerly homeless people called Jackson Hinds Garden.  Many of the residents, although they have a roof over their heads, continue to struggle with issues that plagued them when they were on the streets: untreated mental illness, substance abuse, financial instability, and lack of social support, to name a few.  SEARCH received a grant a couple of years ago to partner with Jackson Hinds, which allowed SEARCH to place a team of staff on-site to work with the residents on these issues.  SEARCH staff provide intensive case management, life skills and substance abuse recovery groups, crisis intervention, and community-building support to the residents at Jackson Hinds. 

Vox's Christmas Party is going to be a fun, exciting breath of fresh air for the residents at Jackson Hinds!  For a community that has experienced deep trauma, marginalization, and voicelessness in society, having a group of people come in to spend the day with them will mean a lot.  This is a great opportunity for Vox to learn hands-on about the nuances of homelessness and to make a difference in a very personal and creative way!" ~ Phoebe Wong, SEARCH Staff  

Volunteer Sign-up: http://bit.ly/ujtSmp

  • Date: Saturday, Dec 3rd
  • Time: 9AM Volunteer Orientation @ warehouse | 10AM Set-up | 11:30-2PM Party
  • Location: Meet at Vox Warehouse: 8570 Katy Fwy, Suite 116 - Orientation required

**Orientation for parents bringing children is 9:15am this Sunday, 11/27 at the warehouse.  Free breakfast tacos provided for all those joining.  RSVP to judy.feng@accesslive.org.

Stocking Gift-Set $10.00:

Hang some holiday cheer for a resident at Jackson Hinds. Each stocking will be filled with toiletries, snacks, and a personalized card, from YOU. These will be gifted at the Holiday Party. Contact Alissa.Kit@voxculture.org to purchase.



November Newsletter: Crazy Socks and Holiday Party

a. 11/12 "Knock Your Socks Off" Salsa Night - THIS SATURDAY!
b. 12/3 SEARCH Holiday Party
c. Vox Conspiracy
d. Vox Imprint
e. 12/10 Justice Market

For the next two months, Vox will be focusing on Homelessness, by weaving education and awareness about this issue into our upcoming events. Join us in discovering ways you can love a
nd care for our homeless neighbors. Take action to support SEARCH, a great organization that strives to help individuals and families get back on their feet. As groundwork, learn about "Who is Homeless" and "Why People Are Homeless" ...and we'll see you at Vox!


Put on your crazy socks and dancing shoes for the Salsa Night, THIS SATURDAY! Dance instruction by Darnell Allen and Ruby Rivera from the Texas Salsa Congress. Music and artwork by Erock1. Reminder we are hosting a TUBE-SOCK DRIVE benefiting SEARCH Homeless Services.

Date: Saturday, November 12
Time: 7:30PM Doors Open | 8:00-9:30PM Salsa Lesson | 9:30-11:30PM Open Dance
Music: Salsa, Western Swing, Hip-Hop
Location: Vox Culture Warehouse - 8570 Katy Freeway, Suite 116

Admission: One pack of tube-socks
or $7.00 entry fee
RSVP to Salsa Night
Sign up to Volunteer


Here is your chance to celebrate the seasons with our friends at SEARCH! Vox will be throwing a Holiday Party at a permanent housing facility for formerly homeless people called Jackson Hinds Garden. It will be a fun and interactive way for you to care for the residents and be in community with those who have experienced deep trauma, marginalization, and voicelessness in society. Get ready for food, crafts and holiday cheer!

Date: Saturday, December 3
Time: 9AM Volunteer Orientation @ Vox Warehouse | 10AM Set-up @ Jackson Hinds Gardens | 11:30-2PM Party
Location: Meet at Vox Culture Warehouse - 8570 Katy Freeway, Suite 116

Sign up to Volunteer



First Vox Conspiracy meet-up success! The group met over fair-trade coffee and beer as a follow-up to the September film event to explore deeper around the issue of human trafficking. Discussion was led by Judy Feng (Vox) and Kristen Carr (Not For Sale Campaign). The conspiracy continues...email judy.feng@accesslive.org for info on next meet-up! 


Introducing a new branch...Vox Imprint! This is a group of creative folks who are making an imprint on our world through homemade crafts. Do you love to sew, design cards, or bake delicious treats? Get connected with Vox Imprint! We will be prepping for the Justice Market coming up on 12/10 and are looking for creatives who want to contribute homemade items. Email julie@tienfamily.com for details.


Vox will be participating in the Justice Market, hosted by Not For Sale Campaign. This is a great opportunity to shop fair trade/ethically made goods, enjoy live holiday music, sip on fair trade coffee, enter a raffle to win great prizes and finish the day with the Robbie Seay Band live in concert.

Estimated attendance ~2000+! Interested in being a vendor? Apply here.

Date: Saturday, December 10
Time: 1-6PM Justice Market | 5:30-7PM Vendor Dinner | 7-8:15PM
Robbie Seay Band Benefit Concert
Location: Copperfield Church - 8350 Highway 6 North
RSVP to Justice Market

"Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action."  ~W.J. Cameron

Happy November!
Alissa Kit | Director